Briefly, my own experience of Open Pen, FYI My wife wrapped ham sandwiches in grease-proof paper.  Later, we walked to the station hand in hand.  She passed my hat and the cane through


The wonderful Josh Neal is now pretty inseparable in our minds when we visualise Open Pen. So he was the only sensible choice to adorn our cover. Here it is. We can’t wait to see it in paperback, and you can make that a reality by pre-ordering the book for just £8 over at our Kickstarter campaign.


Microfiction Competition To celebrate five years of publishing up-and-coming writers, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund ‘The Open Pen Anthology’. This anthology will be a collection of the very best


It is with great pleasure that we announce our intention to publish an Open Pen Anthology, celebrating five years of Open Pen Magazine. The book will be comprised of some of our favourite short stories from that time, by some of our favourite authors. Those authors will be contributing new stories. So the Anthology really will be a good mix of old and new. As most of you will know, Open Pen is a not-for-profit

live for augustus

This Wednesday, August 19th, Open Pen Magazine is LIVE at the Jamboree, Limehouse. FACEBOOK EVENT Tickets are £5 (available here or on the door), doors open at 7pm (the show will start at 8pm, and finish around 10pm). – Live Fiction Ben Byrne and his short fiction have appeared in Litro magazine and Writer’s Hub, and now on the cover of Open Pen Magazine. His first novel, ‘Fire Flowers’ was published by Europa Editions in the UK & US in February 2015. Offbeat Tasmanian


Joanna Walsh – author and journalist – is the founder of #ReadWomen. Open Pen sits down with her to discuss her take on the publishing industry, and its enduring gender imbalance. *    

Re nuisance

VIDEO: Mat Woolfenden is quite the unique fiction performer. Make sure you catch him on Wednesday evening, August 19th at Open Pen Live at the Jamboree.

Wildlife Nuisance

  BY MAT WOOLFENDEN My wife and I, we have everything we need in our attic flat: a bathroom, a bedroom, bed, telephone for the takeaway and a cat. That morning Raffles

In The Age of Nicotine

  BY GC PERRY He orders a large gin and tonic and checks out the barmaid’s curves as she bends down to get a bottle of Schweppes from the fridge, his flat


Our Responsibility as Writers By Matthew Neal In the age of social media anyone with an internet connection can become a writer. People could write before that, of course – but with

My Girl Tornado

 by Jordan O’Shea The girl I loved was a tornado. That seems to be the most accurate way to describe her. She was fascinating and dangerously beautiful, but she destroyed everything. I

Remembering Mike Marqusee

by Tom Wood I hate the fact that I am writing this. It’s something I never wanted to write. It reminds me that life is random, brutal and cruel, and that natural


Sean Preston takes a look at David McGrath’s novel Rickshaw. Irish needs to “sort something out,” we’re told by author David McGrath in the opening gambit of his debut novel. Happenstance colludes, and that something becomes a rickshaw, a handy (if not physically challenging) vehicle for both the perverse and relatable kooks McGrath draws in his novel, and for the whirlwind narrative itself. McGrath has been a short story writer for some time now, including


The Girl With The Indian Braids – Why Mad Men Is A Television Novel By Erinna Mettler THE MAD MEN PARTY IS FINISHED AND I AM BEREFT. I know, the whole world has written