In What Capacity

By Mazin Saleem So it was towards the end of the party and there was just me and this older girl left in the living room, pretty well out of it, so I got


By Lisa Fontaine Phase six. I skipped phase five. A letter was delivered to me today. Wrong address. Stranger things have happened. Yusuf Patel: that’s who it’s for. I know vaguely where the


By Anton Rose The body falls towards the river, cutting a pattern through the rain. It hits the water, and I shiver. I wipe the raindrops off my binoculars, and focus on

An interview with Sarah Hesketh

Sarah Hesketh – poet, wordsmith and lover of animals – speaks to Piers Pereira about the agony of dementia, the joy of seeing your work in print and the curiosity that drives

Reverse Solicitation

By Rhuar Dean 1. Jim slowed his stride. There was an uncomfortable blur passing him in the opposite direction to his left and right. He felt as though he was fighting counter-current in

An interview with Daisy Dunn

By Piers Pereira Modern day Greece is in debt, polluted and swarming with tourists. Rome is a giant tourist trap with overpriced pizza and men on mopeds trying to run me down


By Katherine Vik We plant the bulb at the beginning of spring, follow the instructions just like it says on the label. Bury loosely in soil and then water. Place away from

An interview with Harry Man

Award-winning poet Harry Man talks with perennial Open Penner Piers Pereira about his inspirations, his creative process and his love of the arts. *        *        * How do


Peter Higgins is one of thirteen short story authors with fiction old and new that you’ll find in The Open Pen Anthology. His Issue Ten cover story “Smoking in the Library” is


The one-off zine we’ve called ONEOFFZINE is guest edited under a mentor scheme, working alongside young editors in the making from the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham. Printed by the good people at Rockland Lit, ONEOFFZINE is

The Open Pen Anthology – Out March 10th

Published by Limehouse Books, The Open Pen Anthology is out March 10th. You can pre-order here: A celebration of five years of Open Pen, the book contains the fiction of thirteen Open Pen authors, and micro-fiction from twelve more, meaning that we’ve got a whopping twenty-five authors in its pages. Edited and compiled by Sean Preston, the Anthology takes much the same shape as the fifteen issues of Open Pen. It feels like Open Pen. It looks like Open


  BY LIAM HOGAN Tick, tock: repetition, routine; the things we cling to at the bookends of our lives, from the toddler watching the same videos over and over until the parents pray

Devoured Further – Part III

Open Pen presents the third and final instalment in a three-part series of flash fiction recordings, written and narrated by author James Vella, titled ‘Devoured Further’. DEVOURED FURTHER – PART III An English Dead Eight Thousand Dirhams The

Devoured Further – Part II

Open Pen is delighted to present the second instalment in a three-part series of flash fiction recordings, written and narrated by author James Vella, titled ‘Devoured Further’. DEVOURED FURTHER – PART II The Last Fight In

Devoured Further

James Vella is the author of Devourings, a collection of short stories published by Wounded Wolf Press. In our review earlier this year, we were positively swooning over it. So we’re chuffed to announce a series of

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