By Elissa Soave Death is not like the weather or joint trouble, which interest only the very old. Nor is it like One Direction or acne control, which are of concern only


Twenty issues of Open Pen has brought us close to a hundred short stories from almost as many fiction writers. Here’s the latest additions to the Open Pen archive: ISSUE TWENTY Louisa Adjoa Parker – ‘Of Knives and Men’ Jim Gibson – ‘Oddments’ Dan Coxon – ‘The Worst Place in The World’ Jonnie McAloon – Something to Talk About’ Gerard McKeown – ‘The Company of Moths’ Katherine Orton – ‘The Romance of Scorpions’ Simon Pinkerton – Vicious centre of the capitalist South, here you will find nothing soft’


SCOTT MANLEY HADLEY REVIEWS SEALED  (DEAD INK BOOKS)  BY NAOMI BOOTH Dead Ink Books: 2017, rrp £9.99 order here innit innit innit Sealed is Naomi Booth’s second book, following the 2016 Saboteur Award-winning


We’ve made it to Twenty issues. Fair old slog, that. In that time we’ve got really old. We are the dog that sleeps for 23 hours a day. Our editorial meetings, once

A Lonesome Snow Leopard

Inspiration hits him like a spray of shotgun pellets to the face. That’s good—he’ll use it in a poem. He writes all night in a chasm of creation. He is deep—Marianas Trench


WITHOUT EXCITEMENT THERE CANNOT BE LOVE Between reading the majority of Moving Kings (Joshua Cohen, published July 2017 by Fitzcarraldo Editions) and sitting down to write this review, I’ve had a massive


By Gary Budden Somewhere near the Hoo Peninsula, back in 98. It’s like I’m still right there and I never really left. After the gig in Gravesend, we were cornered on the

Budden Parties

Gary Budden is one half – often cited as the better half – of Influx Press. He is also short storying his way through fiction currently, with a good few neat short stories in the last couple

Okojie Parties

That there Open Pen Summer Party is just under two weeks away (Wed, Aug 16, 7pm!) and we’re several kinds of chuffed that the magnetic Ireneson Okojie is reading from one of our favourite short story collections

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