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Open Pen Live – February 8th

Open Pen Live – February 8th

Open Pen Magazine has but one big show a year. This is it. And it’s at the historic Cable Street Studios (more venue information here) On Sunday, February 8th, within the space of just a few hours, we’ve got:

• A short play by actress and director Harriet Green.
• Poetry from acclaimed novelist and poet Sophia Blackwell, Writer and Performer, of Limehouse Books
• Live readings of short stories from new and exciting writers.
• Literary Comedy in the form of the juvenile ‘Filthy Fiction’
• Beat Jazz, live piano and spoken word accompaniment
• Booze! Great range of drinks available from the bar – open till 11pm.

We’re even holding an open mic for flash/micro-fiction. If you’re a writer and interested in reading something as part of this, contact us at

More details of the open mic here.

Tickets are £5 and available through the ticket link, or on the door.

Let us know you’re coming by joining the event on our Facebook event page.


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I’ve had a few

I’ve had a few

Check out Phillip Clement’s review of Highlights of My Last Regret (Limehouse Books, 2014), a cutting satire of modern relationships, and the second novel from California-based author North Morgan.

Highlights last regret open pen



New publisher The Pigeonhole is making a name for itself with it’s unique approach to book publishing, and it’s Open Pen Issue Five’s Jamie Collinson that writes the latest ‘stave’ in the publisher’s new short story series Sex Staves.

Phil Clement writes for Open Pen, in review of ‘The Sex Disease’ by Jamie Collinson, available now at The Pigeonhole.


The Pigeonhole operates on a pay-per-stave basis.

Warm, and LIVE IN hackney

Warm, and LIVE IN hackney









White Lies

Phillip Clement is back on crit duty with a look at another former Open Pen writer’s novel. Having graced our pages in issue eight, Jo Gatford is now on book shelves too with her debut, White Lies. Read Phillip’s thoughts here.



The Main Sign That You See On The Road As You Enter The Village Of Balgue, Nicaragua

A South Korean writer, based in the United States, offers this piece about the friendship and inspiration found in a small village in Nicaragua. Read Aran Son’s article, Beyond All Expectations.

Howard Jacobson and the Man Booker Conundrum

Howard Jacobson and the Man Booker Conundrum

“If you’re a serious writer, it’s difficult to get read.”

Adam Luria visited JW3 London to see a conversation with Howard Jacobson in the lead up to the Man Booker Prize 2014, for which Jacobson was nominated again for his novel ‘J’ (Jonathan Cape).

But what of the Man Booker? What of ‘real writing’? Read more here.

Jacobson 2010 man booker open pen

Jacobson has previously won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2010, with his novel ‘The Finkler Question’.

An interview with an author

An interview with an author

Remie Purtill-Clarke

Remie Purtill-Clarke returns to Open Pen to update us on her comings and goings since being published in issue five, way back in 2012. Read it here.



For Your Consideration

For Your Consideration

In the second edition of our new review section, Phillip Clement casts his keen eye over the debut novel of writer N. Quentin Woolf.

Read his review of The Death of the Poet.





Issue Twelve – Illustration by Josh Neal

It’s September, time for Open Pen Issue Twelve.

In its pages you will find N Quentin Woolf going all cogito ergo sum in his latest column for Open Pen. We’ve also got a look at London’s Skoob Books. One of our stockists, and lunchtime favourite booksellers, courtesy of our new publishing assistant Stacie Dexter.

Our cover story is courtesy of the young and talented first-time submitter Lo Fontaine. Her story Envelope: Blue is an outstanding debut from someone we think will go from strength to strength in their literary endeavours.

We’ve also got new and exciting writing from New Zealander Sile Mannion, Scotsman Ben Whitfield, East Londoner David Mortimer, Londoner Mazin Saleem and Glaswegian Carl Thompson. We’ve also included a collection of our favourite Little Printer shorts from the last few months.


Joao Cerqueira – Author of The Tragedy of Fidel Castro

Privileged, also, to announce that João Cerqueira, author of the USA Best Book (Multicultural) winning The Tragedy of Fidel Castro provides the guest editorial.

Open Pen Issue Twelve will hit shops near you Friday, 26th September, with more stockists than ever.







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