THE GLASS DOOR BY R.M. CLARKE (DALZELL PRESS, 2018) Reviewed by Scott Manley Hadley The Glass Door is a novel for people who want to get stuck in to a big story. It


Short Story of the Month: The Broken Nazi by Chris Wilson ‘So Kitten had been trained like a Pavlovian doggie from an early age to equate a hit of crack with a

Destination: Shallow Creek

Go on then… Where or what is Shallow Creek? I can’t pull it up on Google Maps. Hello, old sport. Shallow Creek can’t be found on any GPS or local maps, unfortunately.

REVIEW: Scott Manley Hadley Reviews Bad Boy Poet by Scott Manley Hadley

BAD BOY POET BY SCOTT MANLEY HADLEY (OPEN PEN, 2018) BUY DIRECT FROM THE PUBLISHER HERE Reviewed by Scott Manley Hadley I don’t want to sound overwrought or uncharacteristically positive, but this

Out This Week

Bad Boy Poet It’s finally here, out Thursday – Bad Boy Poet, our first book, a poetry collection by Scott Manley Hadley. Order now for £4.99 – shipping is free. ORDER BAD BOY POET Bad Boy Poet is the debut poetry collection from whingy hipster blogger Scott Manley Hadley. It is a series of “confessional-style” poems describing the life of a confused and conflicted youngish man as he tries to work out who he is,


Shitstorm is the first in a series of novelettes from Open Pen. A hilarious and perceptive work from Argentinian writer Fernando Sdrigotti, the novelette follows Dr Walter Turner, a wealth nobody until he


The Open Pen Novelette is here. We’ve committed to five novelettes over the next year and you pre-order them as a bundle now for just £20 for all five, or individually at £4.99.


Short Story of the Month: ‘A Voice Spoke To Me At Night’ by Helen McClory ‘Loneliness is a terrible thing, wherever you are. I think it’s a stronger force than love, because it’s

Shitstorm – Pre-order now

Get yourself slap bag centre of the Shitstorm. Pick up this hilarious and perceptive novelette by Fernando Sdrigotti. BUY NOW

Launching a Bad Boy Poet

Or a #BadBoyPoet. We are launching our first ever book, Bad Boy Poet, at the awesome Burley Fisher Books in Hackney, 7pm, November 14 this very year. If you know Open Pen

Launching a Shitstorm

Open Pen Novelette ≠1 is Shitstorm by Fernando Sdrigotti. This fierce little book hits bookshops in November. We initiate this Shitstorm at Brick Lane Books on Thursday, November 8. Sdrigotti will read from

Introducing Tamim Sadikali

This week we welcome a new short story head to the Open Pen unit (P-Unit). And this very day we launch our monthly Short Story of the Month feature, brought to you


Short Story of the Month: ‘A Polish Joke’ by Agnieszka Dale   Why am I here, you ask? You want to start? Is this your first question? I’m sure I’ve told you before.


The world is at sea, and there are tales to wail, we say. And here they are, they are the stories of Open Pen Issue Twenty-Two. Our cover is blue and amber and on closer inspection you’ll see the land mammal; a leopard. It is most likely Josh Neal’s final illustration for Open Pen before he goes off to conquer the world as the finest living, breathing illustrator colour has known. We thank him for


How The Light Gets In  by Clare Fisher (Influx Press, 2018) Order How The Light Gets In direct from Influx Press here. How The Light Gets In (Influx Press, 2018) is a collection of short

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