For He Was Not Yet Tired Of Life

Open Pen and Londonist Out Loud have always got along swimmingly, as readers may have noticed. Londonist Out Loud, a radio podcast hosted by N Quentin Woolf, sponsors our winning story in every issue. So recently Open Pen editor Sean Preston was invited to be a guest on the weekly show to discuss Open Pen and of course all things London, a subject always close to his heart.

Sean Preston, Londonist Out Loud, a podcast about London, 14th June 2013Under discussion were London’s housing crisis, the new pub planned to open on the M40, and the possibility of brands sponsoring London’s tube stations. Sean also talks about the future of Open Pen Magazine, London’s first open literature magazine, while Lorraine Bow of KaraUk plays a few tunes on the ukulele to demonstrate exactly how they support the nervous karaoke singers at KaraUk events.

You can listen to the full show (and subscribe) here.

Please note, the views of Sean Preston are of course his own, and not necessarily that of Open Pen Magazine in its various guises.

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