To Win Half Of One Dozen

MULLER-smallIssue Six of Open Pen is nearly with us. Its winner? A young man by the name of Tadhg Muller, a Tasmanian, and perhaps one of the oddest writers/personalities we’ve come up against at Open Pen in our time in print. Tadhg is as talented and refreshing a writer as he is unnerving and challenging a personality. His winning piece, ‘In Lieu of a Memoir‘ will adorn the cover of Issue Six, our longest edition to date, crowning a first year in print for our independent-bookshop-supporting-aspiring-writer-rewarding outfit.

Muller of Tasmania, now Down Under (South London). Winner of Issue Six.

Muller’s story and Issue Six will be in your favourite stinky little bookshop by mid-September. More news on content, including other winning contributors, will follow in the weeks to come before that.

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