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Open Pen Magazine will be running a series of free events this year, with out favourite up-and-coming writers performing in our favourite bookshops. This Thursday we’ve got writers previous published by Open Pen reading short fiction at All You Read Is Love, a pop-up bookshop in Leytonstone, East London. Drinks (hard and soft) will be available all night, as well as free copies of the most recent edition of Open Pen Magazine, Issue Thirteen. Get there by 7pm this Thursday, February 26th to make sure you get a good spot.

Here’s the Facebook event page, for those that want to let us know they’re coming.

Venue: All You Read is Love, 877 High Road Leytonstone, London

We’ve also got Tadhg Muller in attendance and reading from his story, The Reprieve, published recently in short story book Transportation: Islands and Cities. Here’s an excerpt from that short story:

I think I’ve got you worked out, he remarked. I admire you, yes. Though I have you worked out, and I see you’ve drunk your coffee. That was fast. How was it?
A little thin, I said.
You son of a bitch, he replied. If you wanted something different you should have askedfor it. A ristretto!
This time I paused. He was an interesting man. Old and spindly, and still a long, long way from giving in, from rolling over and dying. Death would have to take him by siege. Death would have to dig under his towers and bomb his walls. Death would need to starve him of supply. Death would have to hunt him day and night, until this man was finally submerged by the sea. He neither deserved nor required my pity, good manners or false gratitude. The sooner I left the room, the sooner I could get on with life. I would be pleased to go. I would be pleased to return to my own painting. I would be pleased to leave him alone, and journey across the city, and return to my own skerry.

Transportation: Islands and Cities will be available for purchase at £9.00.

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