An Audience Settled And Actors Took To The Stage

Issue Five (And A Half) Aloud, Open Pen’s latest live event took place at LXV Books this gone Thursday evening.

LXV BooksIn attendance was Remie Purtill-Clarke directing a dramatic reading of her comedy tinyplay The Ice Cream Robbery of Sherkin Island (view video) as well a new segment called FILTHY FICTION, a collection and reading of the smuttiest submissions Open Pen receives (and believe us, we receive many) as well as some of the oddest adult fiction from around the net. Friend of Open Pen Magazine Piers Pereira was on hand to deliver us from Evil, or us unto it, we’re still not sure. In any case, he’ll be back at future events with more FILTHY FICTION, we promise.

Lastly, we had Darren Lee of Issue Four. Darren’s reading at the live event for Issue Four was such a well-received display of storytelling, that our inbox was inundated with requests to have him back. Obliged, naturally, we collared Darren back in for another reading, this time for a new piece, as yet unfinished, but every bit as impressive.

Look out for future live events, which should be announced shortly after Issue Six is released in mid-August.

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