And He Said It Like He Meant It.

Straight out of Merseyside and onto the UK Hip-Hop scene comes Elliott Egerton, better known now as Bang On!. He’s been busy this year releasing his debut album ‘[sic]’ on Big Dada Recordings and has been touted by many as a lyrical deity, which is why we’re cheek-burstingly grateful and excited to announce that Hip-Hop’s newest wordsmith is providing the guest editorial for Issue Six of Open Pen Magazine.

Everton fan Egerton has found especial favour with critics and Open Pen alike for his honest, insightful and apposite prose. In other words, he’s ‘bang on’.

So prolific and industrious is Bang On! that he had more than an editorials worth to say to us about our common interests. His ideas and analogies had such a profound effect on us it seemed selfish not to share every word Elliott delivered. Here’s a taster of the essence of his Issue Six editorial, and hopefully something that resonates throughout the whole of the upcoming issue, out in just a week’s time:

I remember when I was in school, I was about 8 years old I think, and my teacher asked me: “In what situation might you need to write a letter?” Looking back on it, I somewhat worryingly retorted: “In case someone says, ‘Write a letter or I’ll shoot you!'” Funnily enough though, you can go ahead and call me Nastradamus (not Nostradamus, Nastradamus, the circa 2000 alter ego of my favourite rapper Nas) because this has turned out to be a groin-grabbingly accurate prediction. A decade and a bit on, that is about the only scenario I can imagine where I would need to write a letter.


Is this a ‘bad’ thing? I’m not a letter freak; let’s get that clear. I’m not running around kissing postage stamps and licking envelopes… Actually I would lick an envelope, that’s fine, but my point is I would rather do that (write a letter) than have one of those really awkward face-to-face Skype chats. Anchoring myself directly into my opponent’s line of sight, with an unflinching glare aimed squarely at my counterparts face, all the while their penetrating stare illuminates every nook and cranny in the deepest crevasses of my soul… In fact, I think I would rather take my chances with the bullet (see previous paragraph) than have to face one of those nightmarish stare downs.

Twitter only allows 140 characters and when it acquires the majority share of our freedom and liberty (floated as a PLC for the first time in 3069) we will have a small micro chip implanted in our anuses that will transmit our thoughts directly to our timelines. (As a sidenote: in a million years, people still don’t give a shit what you’ve cooked for dinner). So everyone will communicate exclusively via text speak, gr8! 8-(

Still, though, there is hope. Where I grew up in Liverpool was within the confines of the postcode L8 and by that I don’t mean ‘not on time’. People there would sometimes say you were ‘L7’ though, meaning you were a square, it does look a bit like one doesn’t it > L7. The irony of it all however, was that anyone who used the term ‘L7’ in that way was probably fairly ‘L7’ themselves. I think that’s the message we need to inject into the youth: NUMERIC ABBREVIATION’S TO TERRIBLE TO EVEN TAKE IN, that will be the catchy Crack Is Whack style tagline. Literacy is dope.

Issue Six, our biggest issue to date (more content than ever before!) is out very, very soon. Keep an eye on this site, our Twitter and our Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out on a copy.

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