It is with great pleasure that we announce our intention to publish an Open Pen Anthology, celebrating five years of Open Pen Magazine. The book will be comprised of some of our favourite short stories from that time, by some of our favourite authors. Those authors will be contributing new stories. So the Anthology really will be a good mix of old and new.

As most of you will know, Open Pen is a not-for-profit magazine, and we’ve worked pretty hard to ensure that it stays free-to-all. That’s not easy, and without advertising and the live events we run, keeping Open Pen free would be impossible. That’s why we’ve decided that a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter is the right option for the Anthology book. Check out The Open Pen Anthology Kickstarter page. We’ve got some awesome packages to offer anyone looking to pledge, including a £10 pledge that will essentially work as a pre-order of the anthology. If you’re into what we do, believe that aspiring writers deserve a print platform, and believe that this sort of literary fiction is important, please do show your support over at our Kickstarter campaign. We’re pretty excited about the rewards we’re able to offer. Hopefully you are too. You may notice we’ve got a one-off zine planned as part of the reward packages. If you’re into microfiction, why not give it a go? More details on that soon.

OpenPenAnthology flag

We’ll be live at the Jamboree (Limehouse) tonight (August 19th) showcasing some of the fiction writers you’ll see in The Open Pen Anthology. The last event we did at the Jamboree in Limehouse was a blast. As usual, there’s a bar open from 7pm, and the show itself kicks off at about 8pm. Tickets are £5 on the door.

Our Limehousian compadres Limehouse Books will be co-publishing the book, due out early 2016. We appreciate you taking a moment to check out their own catalogue, there’s some great books in there.

Like we said, if you like what we do, now’s the time to show your support. We think it’s important that up-and-coming fiction writers with something to say are given a platform for their talent. The Open Pen Anthology is a testament to that. We’d love for you to be a part of it. Pledge here, and help us put out fiction that is willing to take a risk.

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