Devoured Further

James Vella is the author of Devourings, a collection of short stories published by Wounded Wolf Press. In our review earlier this year, we were positively swooning over it. So we’re chuffed to announce a series of flash fiction recordings from Vella, titled ‘Devoured Further’. There’s nine of these recordings in total, and we’ll be releasing three at a time weekly over the next few weeks.


But how did the short pieces come about? Vella, who is also known for his musical endeavours as part of the band yndi halda, presented readers ordering a copy of Devourings with the opportunity to submit short story briefs. Suggestions poured in, and Vella found the experience enthralling, writing no less than eleven short stories that first week.

Now Vella has selected nine of those stories for audio publication with Open Pen.

Here’s the first three episodes. We hope you enjoy.


An Ecstatic Lightning of Strange Birds

The Memory Lost to Carob Sunrays

 I Lupi di Syracusa

The full text version for each story will be available once the series is complete.


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