Friday The Thirteenth

Open Pen Issue Thirteen is out in an in depend bookstore near you today! In its pages you will find short fiction by:

  • Max Sydney Smith
  • Mat Woolfenden
  • Benjamin Wolfe
  • David Turner
  • Leighton Critchley
  • Tomoe Hill

Plus a guest editorial from Pigeonhole founder Anna Jean Hughes, whilst N Quentin Woolf returns to tell us, in a roundabout way, a little Christmas tale. You’ll also find Open Penner Piers Pereira popped into a new bookshop in Leytonstone a few weeks back, providing the basis of our bookshop focus. Luckily, we’ll have a few of the above writers on hand at the bookshop, All You Read Is Love, on Thursday, Feb 26th. Do come and support new writing with something to say.

As usual, if you find that your bookshop is all out of Open Pens, or didn’t have them stocked in the first place, let u snow about it and we’l endeavour to get some more out.

Open Pen Issue Thirteen is grass green in colour, with cover illustration by Josh Neal.

Here’s just some of our stockists that you can pick up a copy from







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