‘Bad Boy Poet’ – debut poetry collection by Scott Manley Hadley

If you follow what we do you’ll know that our book reviews are written by Scott Manley Hadley, and that his meandering personal reviews can often be honest to a fault. And if you follow what we do, you’ll know that we don’t publish poetry. We make a point of it. And so it is with absolutely no sense of trepidation or doubt that we’re chuffed to eff to announce that ‘Bad Boy Poet’, the debut poetry collection by Scott Manley Hadley will be the first standalone book we’ve ever published.

bbpcoverOut in paperback and e-book form this Summer, ‘Bad Boy Poet’ is a series of “confessional-style” poems evoking the experiences of a confused and conflicted youngish man as he tries to work out who he is, following a mental health crisis and the subsequent breakdown of a relationship. Also poo.

Scott Manley Hadley writes: “Basically I just wanna give a shout out to anyone who ever doubted me, all the haters and watergaters. Eff you guys. For what it’s worth, I don’t think the world needs any more straight white male middle class poets writing about depression and penises. However, this time the man doing it is me, and I’m the effing bomb, so please do buy Bad Boy Poet, even if you never read it. Also I’ve been advised to say that it’s all fictional, *especially* the bits that seem the most like they’re not.”

You can find out more about Scott and his writing over at Triumph of the Now.

To request a review copy of the forthcoming collection (payback), please email us at the usual address.

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