Introducing Pencast.

Here at Open Pen we’ve always hated anyone and everyone that does anything other than print fiction. It’s an award-runner-upping business model. That’s why we’ve started to run regular features on our website, and are pleased to announce that we now have our very own podcast! We are self-loathing publishers, imprisoned not by fear of hypocrisy.

The upswing of this is that the podcast gives us yet another platform to promote what we’ve been recently calling, “Fiction with something to say.” We believe that up-and-coming writers who want to take risks in their writing produce work that is relevant. Here’s hoping that the podcast supports that belief.

Produced and presented by Ian Green, a writer we first published a few years ago and has since contributed to us a few times (most recently in our five-year celebratory anthology), each episode will feature an hour’s worth of short stories performed by the author, as well as features from around the short story scene, including interviews with champions of the short story that we’re keen to brain-pick. But why a podcast? we asked Ian:

“A quarterly literary magazine is a loveable but lumbering beast- the audio format, shakily edited, inscrutably curated, is a more responsive and lithe proposition. Whenever we have enough audio we like, I can hunt down Sean (editor) for an hour and then hey, a podcast is there. The pacing depends on the contributors. The aesthetic, an endearing shambolism. The content, unexpected. I don’t want to spend countless hours refining a audio experience. I want to put raw stories into your brain.”

And that seems a good fit to us. Open Pen has always been about the stories and “writing with something to say” more than anything else.

Look out for episode one of Pencast in November.

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