“Is It Time Yet?” Quizzed Open Pen

The Open Pen Book Quiz, hosted by the wonderful Biddle Bros on Lower Clapton Road, is back with another dose of live performance questions and cringeworthingly proud-of-itself puzzles.OPENPEN_QUIZ_FLYER

Sunday 10th June. Mark it in your diary. 7pm start.

This time out – our second – will see the Open Pen Team back in the DJ desk, presiding over what should hopefully be another packed out session.

Entry fee is £2 per person, you can sit anywhere you can find space in and around the bar or in the back with us. You’ll be able to hear us no matter what, thanks to the thespian projections of Piers Pereira and his finesse with the microphone.

As before, there’re prizes for the winner (cash plus books!), the runner-up and the team with the best name. So what better note to end your weekend on? Do it and bring your friends. It’s a perfect chance to show off what a glittering start amongst the literati you truly are.


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