Les Rêveries du promeneur solitaire



Nothing is safe from the perverse overuse of a filter. Nothing.

Turning up fashionably late to the party is Open Pen’s Instagram account. You can follow us by looking for open_pen. It won’t all be just sickeningly self-appreciative shots of our magazine, it’ll also be a window to the Open Pen team’s collective soul. Expect paparazzi style shots of strangers enjoying a good read in a good setting, scenes of literary relevance; perhaps a desperate summered damsel running for that train, or a brazen antagonist holding up an escalator full of commuters with his luggage (grrr).

Got any photos you think we’d like? Send it to us and we may well use it. even just @ us so we can have a peek. We’re always interested.

For those not in the know [editor’s note: I believe young people refer to this as “ITK”, though I’m often misled by youth], Instagram is a a website and app for smartphones that allows people to post up photos so that other people can comment on them and stay up-to-date with friends. You may well see a lot of framed photos of avocado-based lunches, but we’ll try and steer as clear of food as we can.

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