For those that came to our event in Clapton in September and enjoyed it (we’ve got to hope that’s everyone), we’ve got another event lined up at the same venue. So whether it was the Filthy Fiction, live readings from some of most exciting writing talents currently emerging, or the rapid-fire flash fiction competition that is War of the Words that had you smirking in appreciation, do come along again.

If you haven’t been before, come and see what one off-the-street punter called, “much fucking better than telly.”

OPLIVENOV_WEBFLYER_SHORTTEXTTickets are available on the door, but if you’re the anxious type like our editor, you can buy your tickets from here. The show takes place on 14th November of this very year at Hackney United Services Club, 69 Powerscroft Road, Clapton, E5 0PT. Doors open at 7pm. As usual we’ll have: Storytelling – with Issue Nine and Ten authors. Filthy Fiction – a performance of the most cringeworthy “adult” literature out there (soon to be on the stage at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014). War of the Words – A microfiction / flash-fiction competition. Winners will find themselves printed by Open Pen.

The evening coincides with the release of Issue Ten of Open Pen. Which will be available from the event before it’s officially released. What a coup! Aside from that, we’ve got a few extra tricks up our sleeve to make these night an even better one than our last show. Well, we had to find some way to make up for what will be undoubtedly be a cool Winter’s evening.

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