Man Or Ant?

It’s War of the Words.

Fancy reading a very short story at Open Pen and London Writers’ Cafe’s Outword event? Budding writers in attendance will be encouraged to take to the mic to read from a piece of microfiction they’ve written (at no longer than 150 words).OP_ little_printer2The wordy combatant that garners the loudest reaction from the crowd will be crowned as War of the Words champion, and will see their winning piece of microfiction published on Open Pen’s very first Little Printer publication, as our lead story on the platform. Winning the competition could be a great stepping stone for a writer looking to get noticed for the first time, especially as publishers will be in attendance on the night.

Remember, make an impact with your short short short story. Make it funny, charming, or clever. You’ll be on the mic for about a minute at the most and Microfiction is all about making an impact in a short space of time. Be sure you do that to stand a chance of seeing your work in print.  War of the Words will take place at Outword, November 22nd, (doors opening at 7pm), at the Shooting Star near Liverpool Street station. Tickets are £10 for adults, £8 for students. Tickets can be purchased here.

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