“No Forebearers!” She shouted, Her Forefingers Swallowed By The Keyboard.

Y’ here! Which probably means you’re aware that our website has been revamped, restyled, reimagined (much like Indiana Jones, but much, much prettier). Take a look around. All the usual content is here, but you’ll notice how slicker it is than its previous clunky incarnation.

carnation 2

A carnation, not ‘incarnation’, which is a different word.

It’s been a quiet, somewhat subdued start to the year for Open Pen. But we’ll be standing up straight and screaming for the final three-quarters of the year, mark our words in upper case. Look out for:

Open Pen Issue Eight. Landing in mid-April. It’s a sort of lavender in colour. Ooo-er.

Live events. We’ve been holding crisis talks and after several walk-outs and at least one deadlock situation, Mother Nature has agreed to an extended run of blistering heat in early May, which is when our next live event will be. We’ll be serving up all of the Issue Eight winning authors, some Filthy Fiction (via Piers Pereira, natch) and a microfiction competition which is actually a very glib way of sourcing new content for:

Little Printer. If you haven’t heard (or bothered listening), we’ve got a weekly publication on BERG’s Little Printer. Microfiction on tiny print. It comes naturally to us.

More details on the above will of course follow in all the usual sleazy online ports (Facebook, Twitter, newsletters and right here… here… here).

As ever, we’re looking for new and interesting writers to submit to Open Pen Magazine. Please have a look at our submissions page and see what you can cook up.

Stay in touch.

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