The one-off zine we’ve called ONEOFFZINE is guest edited under a mentor scheme, working alongside young editors in the making from the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham.

Printed by the good people at Rockland Lit, ONEOFFZINE is thirteen pieces of microfiction with something to say. It feels like Open Pen, it reads like Open Pen.

There’ll be a few ways you can pick up a copy in the coming weeks, but for now, any order placed for The Open Pen Anthology today will include ONEOFFZINE with your delivery. The only other way, if you’re feeling flush, is to pick our The Open Pen Anthology boxset for a cool £49.99.

Its authors include:

ONEOFFZINESimon Pinkerton
Pia Patel
Thomas McColl
Jac Lewis
Terence Corless
Paul Paranchikis
Christoper P. Mooney
Tamara Jones
Laura Gabrielle Feasey
Jo Gatford
Martin Cornwell
Fiona Marshall

*  *  *

Edited by

Matthew Neal & Pia Patel

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