Open Pen Book Quiz – This Sunday at 8pm.

LEST WE FORGET… Open Pen’s very first Book Quiz takes place this Sunday at Biddle Bros.

Do you have your head between the pages of fiction long enough to give yourself a fighting chance at victory (and the accompanying prize money)?

How will I get there? Find your route on TFL, searching for 88 Lower Clapton RoadE5 0QR.

You don’t have to be a book habitué to have fun with this one. The questions vary from really easy to fairly easy, and only a handful of difficult questions are thrown in to whet the appetites of the victory-centric types (people like our editor at Open Pen).

We kick things off at 8pm, so to get a good table it’s worth getting there a bit early. The staff at Biddle Bros are terribly, terribly friendly, and only too happy to mix you up a nice drink at a reasonable rate, our suggestion for the evening would be a tall glass of Hendrick’s Gin, fizzing in tonic.

We’re looking to make this quiz as fun as possible, and seldom do the Open Pen team have more fun than when laughing at other people making a fool of themselves. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of a local thespian who will be enacting scenes from famous literature, with the Open Pen team as his counterparts (gulp!).OPENPEN_QUIZ_FLYER

So do come along, and do bring your friends. Even if they’re not bookish nose-scratchers like you, they’ll be sure to have a cracking time.

Oh yes, and get your best pun hats on, because there’s also a prize for the team with the best name.


8pm on Sunday 29th April at Biddle Bros, 88 Lower Clapton Road.  E5 0QR

Entry Fee: £2 each (maximum of six people to a team)

Should be finished no later than 10pm, more than enough time to waste every last penny of your winnings at the bar afterwards.


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