Open Pen Live This Thursday

The tube strike is off, which is god news for Thursday’s live event in Hackney. We’re excited about this event, it’s more action-packed with “unstuffy literary performances” (as one reviewer put it) than ever before. We’re celebrating ten issues after all. We’re greying around the brow, by print literary magazine standards.

As well as the usual readings, literary comedy, Beat Jazz, and live microfiction, we’ve also got a special five-minute play titled ‘Published’. In addition to the live content, there’s drinks available throughout the night, and all at an eye-wideningly-wateringly cheap price.

Open Pen live november

To give you all enough time to get down there, we’re opening the doors at 7:30pm, and the actual show won’t start till about 8pm. Should all be finished by about 10pm at the latest, which will give you enough time to get back. You can get a drink downstairs from about 7pm, early arrivals.

For information on the best way to get to the venue check out TFL or contact us at and we’ll find a good route for you.

More details on the event here.

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