Pencast – Episode 0

New to Open Pen, sound. This is Episode 0 of an Open Pen podcast we’ve called Pencast. 2016 is the year of the filthy portmanteau. Suck on it.

Just like your beloved Open Pen Magazine, this latest platform is another way to showcase up-and-coming writers, as well as a good chance to look around our fervent short story scene. Over the last few years – certainly this year with the advent of The Open Pen Anthology – we’ve come in from the cold a fair bit, enjoyed forging a bond with the many publishers of exciting fiction from a variety of small presses, journals and zines, and so we hope to bring you interviews and features with not only the fictioneers we publish but also from some of our favourite people and things happening within the indie publishing circuit.

Produced by a now regular face in the imaginary Open Pen office (and Open Pen Anthology author) Ian Green, the podcast is just under an hour long and presented by Ian alongside Open Pen editor Sean Preston.

Episode 0
Flash: “Thinking Outside The Box” by BREN GOSLING (read by PETER KENNY)
Poetry: “For better or worse” by OCTAVIA BRIGHT
Flash: “Meter” by MAZIN SALEEM
Poetry: “Alchemy” by DANNY KENT

Hosted by PodBean.

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