Twenty issues of Open Pen has brought us close to a hundred short stories from almost as many fiction writers. Here’s the latest additions to the Open Pen archive:


Louisa Adjoa Parker – ‘Of Knives and Men’

Jim Gibson – ‘Oddments’

Dan Coxon – ‘The Worst Place in The World’

Jonnie McAloon – Something to Talk About’

Gerard McKeown – ‘The Company of Moths’

Katherine Orton – ‘The Romance of Scorpions’

Simon Pinkerton – Vicious centre of the capitalist South, here you will find nothing soft’


‘This Is England’ – The latest instalment of N Quentin Woolf’s Open Pen residency.

Guest editorial. (more on this soon).

Foldout flash fiction zine to celebrate twenty issues (more on this soon).

And we’re extending Issue Twenty to this very website. So over the next three weekends we’ll be releasing the following short stories, right here:

Elissa Soave – ‘The Thursday Club’

Dan Ayres – ‘Handjob’

Gary W. Hartley – ‘Of Course’

We’re expecting to have the print issue out by the end of October. Check here to subscribe, but as always, if you can get to one of our bookshop stockists, we’d prefer you do that.

See, plenty.

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