READ ALL ABOUT IT (demotic/colloquial)


“So I’m driving across Europe in a car like a womb, with the windows shut tight against the cold and the music on, driving in thin white daylight and darkness, hour after hour, and I realise early on that I don’t know how to pronounce the town-names.”

That’s right.

Watch out for N Quentin Woolf’s latest article for Open Pen Words That Mean Home. Mr. Woolf takes a look at the nature of words across Europe and muses as to our own relationship with words, and how England chooses to employ them. This is Woolf’s third article for Open Pen, and is well worth checking out.

Aside from writing, literary trailblazer N Quentin Woolf hosts a podcast for the Londonist. You can listen to latest shows here. Open Pen editor and literary grump Sean Preston will serve as a guest in the next few months, so be sure to listen to that show if you’re keen to find our more about Open Pen’s plans for the rest of two-thousand-and-thirteen.

The latest must-read episode in the adventures of Open Pen goes by the name of Issue Eight and will hits bookshops next week, just in time for what HAS to be a horrendously sunny late April weekend.

Bob’s your uncle.

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