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lp_frontWhat you need is a good read. Even a quick read can be a good read, should the content be of significance and emotional/educational value. That’s what we love about fiction. That’s why we’ve decided to publish a weekly short short short short story on BERG’s Little Printer, which, without a doubt, is one of the most exciting/cutest new pieces of hardware this year. We love print, it’s such a strong part of what we do; providing a publication for Little Printer was a no-brainer.

The shorter than short stories will see Open Pen continue to provide aspiring writers with a platform on which they can be published in print, whilst looking at established authors and other notable wordsmiths.

Each piece of micro-fiction should be 50-150 words. Difficult eh? Saying a lot in so few words. How does one go about that? Here’s a guide from Mr. Hemingway that may help with that.

To find out more about Little Printer and what it offers, take a look at this here video. More news on the release of our Little Printer publication to follow.

To submit to Open Pen, either for our Little Printer publication or upcoming issues of our usual print magazine, find out more in our Submissions section.

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