Destination: Shallow Creek

Go on then… Where or what is Shallow Creek? I can’t pull it up on Google Maps.

Hello, old sport. Shallow Creek can’t be found on any GPS or local maps, unfortunately. It probably has something to do with the electronic interference from the abandoned building South of The Creek – word has it that a mad scientist once constructed a machine so powerful that it ripped a hole in the space/time continuum and now some beasties have been released into our little quaint town. It’s been a hell of a job for the park rangers, I can tell you! We’re based in America, about thirty miles out from Hawkins. I’ve heard that in the 80’s they had their own brand of trouble with portals and whatnot – but some kids were able to help out. Shallow Creek is the kind of place located between the strips of a comic book, nestled in the dark corner of the room – on the outskirts of infinity. When I tell that to tourists that arrive they give me a blank look, but if they spend more than a night here they get what I mean. On retrospect, maybe our tourism trade isn’t doing quite so well because we can’t actually pinpoint the exact location of our town…

Erm, am I speaking to a Mallum Colt? We were expressing curiosity regarding Shallow Creek on Twitter and he (you?) said he was sacrificing several elks in our honour.

Yes, my little strawberry flavoured souffle, whenever I get the chance to introduce myself I blow my trumpet with vigor. I own a curiosity shop located in the middle of town and I deal with antiques and curiosities that other people would be afraid to go near. I am the person responsible for creating the Shallow Creek writing competition (in order to get more tourism flourishing in town, you see) and personally greeted each writer that dared to enter with some stipulations – that they must write about a Character, a Location and a specific Item in the town. They were all given random ones, so in one story you may see the lighthouse keeper pop up in another writer’s story. Quite good, eh? I do sometimes have the most ingenious ideas. With regards to those elks, they were nearing the end of their life cycles anyway, so no harm, no foul.

Aside from the lighthouse keeper are there any other residents we should know about?

Quite a lot, actually. There’s Gertrude Saggery – an old lady that lives in a hut by the Devil’s Gorge mountains. Some people started a rumour that she’s a witch, and I of course jumped at the chance to make one of our local residents a darkly macabre creature worthy of speculation. There’s Bubba Cody, owner of the infamous fairground – did you know that there was a tragic accident that happened on one of the rides a few years ago? Perhaps our most famous resident is one Krinkles The Klown – back in the day he had his own brand of cereal that was released nationwide…tis a pity that researchers discovered traces of mould in the nuts used and the whole thing had to be shut down. Poor man…couldn’t deal with the overnight success and then lost everything. Some folks say he still wanders around the town at night in costume…

Have to say, I’m getting rather curious about these residents myself, old sport. What do you need from Open Pen?

Zooterkins! I need your cold hard cash, my little pineapple fritter to make my tome a printed reality – or failing that, for you to pass on the details of the Kickstarter campaign to anyone who has a hankering for the macabre. We have an excellent gem of an anthology of the morbid and the uncanny, and we need to go to print. Unfortunately, water damage in my shop has cost me my father’s savings, so we need people to help in any way they can to spread the word of Shallow Creek to the masses.

[Note – STORGY’s crowdfunding has gone really well since this chat – they now have stretch goals they’re taking aim at.]

We have some great pledge prizes, too – bespoke made horror bookmarks, totebags, T-shirts and personal dedications from yours truly to people who want a bit more bang for their buck. So come on down to the town that sleeps with one eye open!

You know what, curiosity never hurt anyone right? We’re pledging for that lovely paperback.

Welcome to Shallow Creek!

Erm, thanks, I think.



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