“Six of the best,” added Open Pen

Caroline HardmanIn addition to Issue Six winner Tadhg Muller, Caroline Hardman has been added to the list of authors who will see there work published in print in the next issue of Open Pen. Caroline, of English parents, native to Australia, living in London (strewth – enough to make you dizzy), has tried her hand at songwriting and comedy-writing, but for some time now has been concentrating on literary fiction. Interestingly, her short story ‘Breaking The Duck’ is not without its comic moments, and, true enough, sings along with the rhythm of a well-plotted Nico track.

Caroline Hardman – another Aussie Londoner. This pains Open Pen.

Issue Six will be out mid-September and is to be Open Pen’s fattest wedge of brilliant fiction yet. More news on content to follow.

Before that, if you missed out on Open Pen Issue Five, waltz down to your local bookstore over the next couple of weekends and you should find that Open Pen has been restocked. If it’s not there, ask about us!


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