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To celebrate five years of publishing up-and-coming writers, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund ‘The Open Pen Anthology’. This anthology will be a collection of the very best short stories we have printed, plus a selection of new stories by the same authors, as well as some micro-fiction. You can pledge for one of our great rewards over at our Kickstarter campaign.

We’re as keen as ever to discover new talent, so (because we know our readers love flash fiction) we are also creating a unique, one-off, micro-fiction zine. This fifteen-story zine will be made up of the winning stories from our new micro-fiction competition, and be offered as part of the ‘rewards’ available to pledgers of the crowdfunding campaign.

Small Stories, Big Impact (this is where you come in)

OOZ_LOGOThis is your opportunity to get your micro-fiction (flash fiction) story published. We are looking for stories of under 150 words – you’ll know the sort of stuff we like if you read Open Pen. Our favourite fifteen stories will make up the content of the zine. We’re looking for fiction that’s willing to take a risk.

The fifteen winners will each receive a copy of the zine, which will go by the name of ONEOFFZINE. The top three stories will be published in the Open Pen Anthology and the authors will each receive a copy of the book.

To enter, submit your stories to with the subject title “ONEOFFZINE”.

Submissions are now OPEN. As always, submissions are free. We want everyone to be able to submit to Open Pen, not just those that can afford it.

Deadline: Up to and including 2nd October 2015.
Max word count: 150 words.

What is Micro-Fiction?

Micro-fiction is very similar to flash fiction; it’s all about creating stories within a very tight word limit. With so few allowed, each chosen word becomes an essential aid to the story. Micro-fiction tends to only focus on one scene, and doesn’t expend too many words on descriptions or scene setting. Despite their length, micro-fiction can be some of the hardest stories to write and have the strongest impact.

Littler Printer banner

Here’s a piece of microfiction we published on our Little Printer platform back in 2013.

About Open Pen Magazine

Launched in early 2011, Open Pen is London’s first ‘Open Literature’ magazine, and is comprised entirely of reader-submitted short fiction.

Our aim is to create a FREE print publication that is interesting and relevant, and to encourage growth within our talented, fertile, literary underbelly, by providing up-and-coming writers with a place to have their prose published.

With issues published quarterly, Open Pen is available (again, for FREE) from independent bookshops, libraries, university campuses, writers’ centres, and even coffee shops and bars across the capital. With every issue we grow stronger, and so does our range of stockists. You can now pick up Open Pen Magazine in as far reaching places as Havana, Cuba.

You can also see Open Pen in the flesh at the live events that we run throughout the year. Our next event takes place in East London at the Jamboree, Limehouse, on the evening of Wednesday, 19th August. Come along and see what we’re about.

Keep a look out for us; we’re a must for any aspiring writer or fan of new literature. To find out more about Open Pen, how you can support us, to join our once-a-month mailing list, or for any other information, please contact us at:

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