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A couple of nice people with some nice things to say. Issue 1 & 2 authors James King and Anna Harvey on The Open Pen Anthology…

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Open Pen has been giving aspiring writers a platform for their ideas and original stories for half a decade now, and there’s no better way to celebrate that achievement than with The Open Pen Anthology. It’s a privilege to have been asked to contribute to the book, and I hope others who have loved reading Open Pen over the past five years will be happy to show their support for such a great project. But if anyone does need an extra incentive to make a telling contribution, then they only need to have a look at some of the great rewards offered for donations.

James King, Online Editor

Writers, commonly shy and unsure of their worth, hit the send button and wait. They dream of their black words on white paper and tell themselves that if it doesn’t happen they don’t care. It doesn’t matter. It’s the journey that counts. They can always write another story. Then there’s the novel to finish (when there’s time). A couple of weeks later they see the email in their inbox. They make a cup of tea and open it, steeled against rejection. Their hearts leap. They will be published for the first time. Euphoria dictates they call someone who loves them.

Anna Harvey, Executive Editor

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