Storm’s a-comin’

This weekend in an independent bookshop near you…

Now firmly in its teens, Issue Fourteen of Open Pen is a brooding stripped back black on white (with colour illustration), with guest editorial from Kit Caless, one half of Influx Press, who asks of fiction, What’s Place Got To Do With It?

Issue Fourteen’s cover story is a sassy and fidgety tale from Londoner Ben Byrne:

Her voice took on a cute, flippant tone.
“Well! We can go to the beach . . . and the old folks have their bingo at the club house on Tuesdays!”
“I haven’t been to the beach in ages.”
“Or – we can go to the Flamingo Gardens…”
“I’d love to go to the flamingo gardens.”
“Ahhh! He’ll go to the Flamingo Gardens with me!”
“They sound very picturesque.”
“And just so you know, honey, there’s probably going to be a hurricane, and we’ll probably have to put up the hurricane shutters and have no air con for a week. Oh, it’ll be dreamy.”
“I can’t wait.”
“You have no idea what it’s like. This is Florida.”

Waiting For a Hurricane, is inventive, infectious reading, and Byrne a formidable talent who we’re sure you’ll be hearing more and more from.

As per usual, the cover illustration is provided by the bright-minded and bright-palletted Josh Neal, whilst N Quentin Woolf returns to the fold with a man-walks-into-a-bar story called Over. There’s also fiction from Canada, courtesy of fiction-writer Star Spider, namely Middle Name, and finally a very short storm of a story from 23-year-old Jordan O’Shea who wants to tell us about My Girl Tornado, rounding off our accidental storm theme nicely.

This issue’s Bookshop Focus takes walk around Any Amount of Books in London’s Charing Cross.

As always, Open Pen is FREE to all. But if you see a book you’ve been meaning to read or a cover that just plain takes your fancy, go for it. BUY IT. Support your local bookshop. Feel smug. Rub it in other people’s faces. You are the Atticus Finch of shopping. Do the right thing.

*     *     *

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