open pen 22


The world is at sea, and there are tales to wail, we say. And here they are, they are the stories of

Open Pen Issue Twenty-Two.

Our cover is blue and amber and on closer inspection you’ll see the land mammal; a leopard. It is most likely Josh Neal’s final illustration for Open Pen before he goes off to conquer the world as the finest living, breathing illustrator colour has known. We thank him for his wonderful illustrations over the years that have become synonymous with Open Pen. Where do we go from here?

Fortunately we’re just as into the fiction in our pages as ever. The leopard you see is the visual interpretation of our cover short story, ‘Margot and the Leopard’ by London based Nicole Adams.

N Quentin Woolf returns after a short hiatus with ‘Independent Thought’, and Limehouse Books editor Bobby Nayyar provides the guest editorial.

The fiction continues with shorts from Anita Goveas with “Undercurrents”, Simon Marshland with “The Anniversary”, “Barcodes” by Gene Farmer and Open Pen guilty pleasure Mat Woolfenden closes the edition with “Deathbed”.

Look out for Open Pen Issue Twenty-Two, it’s free and it’s hitting your indie bookshop September 29.

Also worth keeping an eye on is our online presence. We’re keen to put out as many short stories we believe in and enjoyed as possible, so as has been the case over the last few issues, we’ll be extending the issue across our website, giving you more scowling, frowning, naughty clowning fiction than ever. More, more, more.

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