Launching a Bad Boy Poet

Or a #BadBoyPoet.

We are launching our first ever book, Bad Boy Poet, at the awesome Burley Fisher Books in Hackney, 7pm, November 14 this very year.

If you know Open Pen mainly from our online presence, you’ll probably know Scott Manley Hadley. He hangs about here slagging off books and occasionally loving them in his regular review column.

But he’s pulled a Truffaut. He’s risking it all and taking us for the ride. This is his debut collection of poetry, Bad Boy Poet, a “confessional style” book charting the life of a confused and conflicted youngish man as he tries to work out who he is, following a mental health crisis and the subsequent breakdown of a relationship. Also there’s loads about poo, illness, ageing, masculinity, Pierce Brosnan, sexuality and dogs.

The book is priced at £5 on the button (yes, FIVE POUND MATE) and is every bit as well dressed as its author. You can pre-order it here, and of course copies will be available on the night.

It’s going to be a great night. Burley Fisher are the hosts with the mosts (like a functioning bar and stuff), and the Bad Boy Poet is going to smash it. Get this, there will be nude portraits on show and “live karaoke-style original hip-hop”.

Afterafterparty to take place at Brilliant Corners, a short hopskip down the road.

To RSVP and for full details: https://www.facebook.com/events/2067842883259186/