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We’ve made it to Twenty issues. Fair old slog, that. In that time we’ve got really old. We are the dog that sleeps for 23 hours a day. Our editorial meetings, once littered with PacMan, gallons of acid, and awkward sexual intercourse, are now taken aboard cruise ships with bridge, Gaviscon, and reluctant sexual intercourse.

Still, amongst that, we’ve managed to keep Open Pen free. That’s thanks to our readership, our writers and contributors, our advertisers, and of course the bookshops and bars and Gaviscon outlets that stock us.

Anyway, that’s how we got here. Issue Twenty. In its pages you will find fiction from Simon Pinkerton, Dan Coxon, Jim Gibson, Katherine Orton, Gerard McKeown, Jonnie McAloon, and a special congratulations to Louisa Adjoa Parker who is our twentieth cover author. Her short story ‘Of Knives and Men’ is Open Pen through and through.

We’re a couple of weeks off hitting shops yet, so keep an eye out for more about Open Pen Issue Twenty over the next fortnight, including some sweet add-ons we’ve got planned. This old dog still has a few new tricks, innit.

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